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TScraper is the easiest way to scrape and download data from web pages. TScraper is a Chrome extension that lets you get table data from any web page and download it to your local computer. From there you can import it into the spreadsheet program or other data processing tool of your choice. TScraper runs on Windows, Macs, and Linux.

Easy to use

There's no complicated setup, no programming to learn. screenshotFind the data you want, and select and copy it. Then launch TScraper and hit the download button -- and now your data is in Chrome's downloads folder.

Format the data the way you want

TScraper lets you rearrange your data, if you like. You can remove cells that you don't need, or change the row length.

Works with any spreadsheet program

TScraper supports both comma- and tab-separated value formats for output, making it easy to use TScraper's data in any spreadsheet or data processing language or tool.

Ready to get started?

Point your Chrome browser to the Chrome web store to install TScraper.

Need tips on using TScraper? See our support page.

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